Startup right.

We help entrepreneurs to prove up their ideas, get investment and launch game-changing startups.

Our mission is to simplify startups.

You've had a brilliant idea brewing for a while but you have no clue where to start.

This leads to brews with friends. Brews with friends lead to crazy nights. Crazy nights lead to carnage, burn marks and arrest. Arrest leads to a criminal record. A criminal record leads to face tatts. And face tatts are not a brilliant idea.

Not knowing where to start is also not a brilliant idea. We know, because we've been there. And it sucks.

Startups can be damn confusing. The average founder fails multiple times before finally succeeding.

We're on a mission to simplify startups!

Wondering if your idea is worth pursuing? Get help with a free idea assessment from our experienced team.
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Success stories.

Mark Kelly, Clinqe
Raised $200K

Pitchblak’s program was pivotal in the life of our company. Most significantly, it gave us the momentum we needed to get investment. We collectively consider Adrian and Kim two of our most valuable mentors.

Alex Ewart, Explorate
Raised $300K

The team at Pitchblak have been integral in our pre-product strategy and for helping us to get investor-ready. I’d highly recommend anyone with an idea talks to them.

Paul Carr, Confeti
Raised $120K

I’ve been working with Pitchblak for years now. They helped me to secure our first angel investment and have since supported Confeti in becoming a fast-growing startup.

Shark Tank's Glen Richards

Any entrepreneur who wants a great team supporting them needs to work with Pitchblak. They have the best model I've seen for launching new ideas.

Pitchblak Brand Ambassador

Founder of Greencross (Pet Barn) and Investor on Shark Tank Australia

Founder stories.

Hear the stories of entrepreneurs who have graduated from our pre-accelerator.

Pitchblak Demo Night.

Watch these 8 founders pitch their 3-5 month old startups at our first Demo Night. This could be you by the end of the program!.

The word on the street.

Microsoft Accelerator
Warwick Hill
Managing Director,
Microsoft Accelerator

I was lucky enough to have visited Brisbane in Sept 2016 and I was impressed by the supportive and “entrepreneur first” mentality shown by Adrian and his team at Pitchblak. Starting a business is a hard, lonely road so a supportive ecosystem is a great asset to any CEO.

Carthona Capital
Dave Gardiner
Carthona Capital

Often the hardest step for an entrepreneur is the first one: to turn a good idea into a compelling business proposition with a proof of concept. Pitchblak helps entrepreneurs avoid the common mistakes in the early stage of a startup and ensures they are well prepared for commercialisation and capital raising. This has been a major gap in the Australian startup community and it’s exciting to see Pitchblak solve this problem.

Jason Titman
Chief Operating Officer,

Knowing where to start is often the hardest for many budding entrepreneurs. The second hardest thing is to make sure you “prove up” your concept before launching into developing the technology platform. It is super exciting that Pitchblak have formed a team that can be alongside new start-ups at the start of their journey. This upfront investment will pay for itself many times over.

You don't have to go it alone.

Going it alone

  1. Make completely avoidable mistakes that can kill your startup.
  2. Get ripped off by app or web developers who have the wrong motivations.
  3. Launch a product people didn’t actually want.
  4. Waste all your savings by funding everything yourself.
  5. Struggle to figure things out on your own.
  6. Sit on your idea for years until someone else ends up launching exactly the same product.

With Pitchblak

  1. Learn the mistakes that kill startups BEFORE you make them.
  2. Get investment & hire your own coders in-house to save your startup a fortune.
  3. Use our proven method to launch a killer product.
  4. Get ‘Pre-Seed’ investment to reduce your risk.
  5. Join a community of like-minded people on the same journey.
  6. Rapidly prove how viable your idea truly is in 3 months flat.
Wondering if your idea is worth pursuing? Get help with a free idea assessment from our experienced team.

The team supporting you.

Adrian PitchblakAdrian Pitchblak
Adrian Osman
Co-Founder & CEO

Likes: Pondering if he likes Phó or Ramen more, listening to loud live music, helping people to help themselves, making 80s pop tunes, day drinking.

Dislikes: Negativity, when people put the toilet roll the wrong way round, liquorice, house parties when he knows less than 80% of the attendees, the feeling of dry sand on his feet.

Kim PitchblakKim Pitchblak
Kimberly Teo
Co-Founder & Ventures

Likes: The first sip of everyone else’s beer, dancing until her calves are sore, curious people who just get shit done, podcasts, lots and lots of hugs.

Dislikes: Instagram's pretentiousness, mushy food (mashed potato, peas, overripe bananas), ungratefulness, burnt soy milk in her coffee, pity parties (get over it).

Cam PitchblakCam Pitchblak
Campbell Walshe

Likes: 90's punk music, the study of religion, historical fiction, starting conversations with strangers, live music and comedy, the feeling of salt water on my face.

Dislikes: Possums, hypocrisy, overcooked eggs, reality medical shows, pessimism.

Anais PitchblakAnais Pitchblak
Anaïs Lesage
Creative Director

Likes: Salty butter caramel, collecting books, bargain hunting, fresh bed sheets, beer, staring at strangers on public transport, dressing up, sewing, crazy dance-offs, puppies, protecting the environment.

Dislikes: Washing cutlery, fish sauce, humidity, creepy crawlies, eating noises, running.

Kerry PitchblakKerry Pitchblak
Kerry Osborn
Head of Growth

Likes: Learning cool shit, wineries, weekends away, keyboard shortcuts, big dog puppies, sticky date pudding, prosciutto and cheese.

Dislikes: Slow walkers, loud chewers, loud typers, selfishness, oysters, when people kill big spiders.

Haley PitchblakHaley Pitchblak
Haley Johnson
Head of Community

Likes: Making ginormous smoothie bowls, dancing like a weirdo, squats and burpees, open-minded people, self-improvement in the form of books and podcasts, laughing until her stomach hurts.

Dislikes: Adrenaline pumping activities like bungee jumping or rope swings, people who say they're bad with names, routine disruption, arts and crafts.

Julia PitchblakJulia Pitchblak
Julia Catalano
Head of Operations

Likes: Travelling, makeup, impulse buying clothes, acai bowls and smashed avocado, parties where the dance floor is more important than mingling.

Dislikes: milk without chocolate in it, cold weather, the sound when someone rubs a balloon, people who think they are entitled.

Zac PitchblakZac Pitchblak
Zac Hutchings
Head of Stories

Likes: Self awareness, punk music, soccer, human beings, Asian food, being forced to think outside the box, interviewing cool people, not being injured (in the ACL specifically).

Dislikes: ACL injuries, mainstream news sources, how snakes move, negative vibes.

Our track record.


Startups supported by Pitchblak to date.


Investment for the entrepreneurs we’ve helped.


Years experience building our own startups.


Startups supported by Pitchblak to date.


Investment for the entrepreneurs we’ve helped.


Years experience building our own startups.

Our values.

Hard. F**king. Work.

Are you prepared to patiently work your ass off for five years or more before you get a pay-off? Startups come with huge sacrifice. You’re about to enter a race with no idea of how far away the finish line is — a race where the people who win are simply those committed enough to keep running until they reach it. Grab the Gatorade and come with us.


Startups are a roller-coaster of highs and lows, so having your health in check keeps your mind 100% sharp to help you make the right decisions. If you you can’t take care of your mind and body, you’ll struggle to take care of your business.


Inflated egos are not welcome here. We can’t stand it. To give you a heads up, humility is the number one quality we look for when we meet you for the first time. And there is a distinct difference between confidence and ego. Nothing will show your value more than delivering real results. Talk is cheap.


If you want to grow, you must be willing to learn. But even more than that — as futurist and philosopher Alvin Toffler wrote — “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Our beliefs.

The team always comes first.

You CAN get it right the first time.

The scoreboard (bank account) takes care of itself when you focus on adding value to others.

You can choose to be positive all the time — it creates constant happiness.

Our work is our play.

Work smarter AND harder.

You can manifest whatever you need at just the right time.

Sprint every day, but realise startups are a marathon.

Practice what you preach.

World domination (WD) never sleeps.

Ready to take off? Claim your free, confidential idea assessment with our experienced team.